A Little Bit About Me

 Joan Bristow is dedicated to directing people to much needed education
so they can make informed decisions for their health and wellness.

As one of those people who for years took my health for granted, I hardly considered the consequences of what I was eating unless I was trying to lose weight.  I just kind of thought that my perceived good health would last forever.  But then as I reached my mid-forties, I began noticing many people older than myself who were not enjoying a good quality of life, and quite frankly, it scared me because I didn't want that to be true for me.

Thankfully, however, I had the good fortune of being given some educational literature and resources about these "sugar" nutrients, and what I learned was intriguing.  It was about 17 years ago that I began incorporating glyconutrients into my diet, and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.  

Another lifechange for me happened in May of 2015.  I had been struggling with my weight for years, and all attempts to lose weight just ended in frustration.  But a great friend of mine told me about one her friends losing 37 pounds of fat in twelve weeks, and I wanted to know more. Well, the rest is history.  I have lost 30 pounds of fat, and I'm keeping it off for the first time ever!  I'm now 67 and enjoy a sense of well-being and vitality.  

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