Eat plenty of fruits & vegetables! But......What does “plenty” mean?
The latest dietary guidelines call for five to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables a day (2½ to 6½ cups per day), depending on one’s caloric intake. For a person who needs 2,000 calories a day to maintain weight and health, this translates into nine servings, or 4½ cups per day (2 cups of fruit and 2½ cups of vegetables). Harvard School of Public Health

"Plenty" means more than most Americans eat.  The average American consumes a total of just 3  servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Due to green harvesting and soil depletion, our foods are deficient, lacking in nutrition.  It is almost impossible to eat enough food to meet our nutritional needs as shown in the visual to the right. 

You would have to eat 53 peaches and 65 cups of spinach in 1999 to equal the nutritional value you got from 2 peaches and 1 cup of spinach in 1951.  That is shocking!  

These videos reveal a true need to know our food.

Impact of a Fast Food Diet vs. a Plant-Based Diet
Genetically Modified Foods Affect Our Health

 Modern farming practices focus on growing produce larger and faster.
Add in green harvesting and is it any wonder that our food does not have
the nutritional value it did fifty years ago?