Buyer Beware...95% of ALL Supplements are Synthetic!
Did you know that 95% of all vitamin supplements are made from coal tar, petroleum, and ground up rocks? 100% plant sourced vitamins and minerals are what your body needs.
". . . a vitamin marked as natural only has to contain 10% of genuine natural plant derived ingredients - the other 90% of ingredients can be synthetic. . ." Dr. Brian Clement

Listing plants in the ingredients below the supplement fact box does not mean that there are any measurable amounts of nutrients derived from these plants.

Calcium Supplements Increase Heart Attack Risk 
What is the Source of Your Vitamin Supplements?

Notice the difference between synthetic versus
 100% plant-sourced supplements. . .
Do you know how to read your supplement label?
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In an effort to provide our bodies with the nutrients we need, we choose vitamin/mineral supplements that either fit our budgets or claim to be natural.  Unfortunately, we may be spending our hard-earned dollars on supplements that contain synthetic ingredients which are harmful and damaging to our health.  The Consumer Awareness Guide is a handy tool that we can use to check our labels and insure that we're are getting vitamins and minerals that are efficacous for our health.

Warning!  Even if a supplement says that it's Natural, always check the label.  There may be as little as 10% of a natural ingredient, but all the other ingredients are synthetic