Glycobiology - The Study of Sugar Nutrients
Glycans or structural sugars play roles in almost every biological process and are involved
in every major disease.  Transforming Glycoscience:  A Roadmap to the Future
The Study of "Sugar Nutrients" or Glycobiology is a fascinating and critical science. 

Learn how the "missing link" of health and nutrition impacts your immune system, digestive system, cognitive function and all body systems.

The surface of each cell is covered with glycoproteins. These are needed for the proper function of every cell.

These "sugar nutrients" are the raw materials the immune system must have so our that cells can send messages clearly.
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"Sugar Nutrients" Can Improve Your Health
With modern methods of farming, many of the important sugars that our body needs to function properly are no longer present in our food supply.  The lack of these sugars in our diet can lead to improper immune function.

Since we don't ingest these sugars, our cells are losing the ability to create the glycoforms which help them communicate with each other.  

The study of Glycobiology shows us that people who have been fighting chronic illness with medication, may have another option to improve their health.

By ingesting the necessary sugars through supplements, our cells can produce more glycoforms and we can feel a substantial boost in our immune system leading to better overall health.